Saturday, March 21, 2015

Following the Apostate

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George Adams

Who wrote about the escapades of apostate George Adams?
A)                 W. W. Phelps
B)                 Solomon Spaulding
C)                 John Wentworth
D)                 Mark Twain

Yesterday’s answer:
(A) Hearing Martin Harris’s testimony
I at one time took a couple of apostates, Henry and John Sermon, to see Martin Harris and to talk to him. One of them asked Mr. Harris if he believed the Book of Mormon to be true, and he told them, "No." They told him they had heard that he had never denied the truth of the Book [of Mormon]. He told them that he knew it was true and that was past believing. After that John Sermon went to Salt Lake City, joined the Church and married a bishops's daughter and lived a good life after.

John Thompson, Autobiography, Harold B. Lee Library, pp. 8-9.

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