Monday, March 9, 2015


Where is the oldest settlement of Icelanders located outside the country of Iceland?
a.                  Kirtland, Ohio
b.                  Nauvoo, Illinois
c.                   Salt Lake City, Utah
d.                  Spanish Fork, Utah
Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  90%
Of the $52,251.44 recorded debt of Joseph and the Committee (this is in reference to the Temple Committee), $47,062.83 was paid. There were no defrauded creditors, but rather paid creditors, 90% of whose claims were satisfied in a reasonably prompt time frame. And that payment came largely after the Saints had abandoned Kirtland and the Symbol of their sacrifice, the Temple.”

Gordon A. Madsen, “The Impact of Litigation against Joseph Smith and Others on the Kirtland Economy” (presented at the Mormon Historical society 2005, Killington ,Vermont), 17, copy in author’s possession.

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