Sunday, March 22, 2015

It Halted them in their Tracks

Far West, Missouri

When the mob looked into Far West, Missouri from a distance, they saw something that frightened them from immediately attacking the city, what was it?
A)                 Ten cannons pointed right at them
B)                 The Saints forming an alliance with the local natives
C)                 An army totaling thousands of men
D)                 The city circled in fire and protected by heavenly angels

Yesterday’s answer:
(D) Mark Twain  
George Adams is responsible for the conversion of hundreds of converts but yet is an apostate to the church and was excommunicated. Shortly after the death of the prophet Joseph Smith he affiliated with James J. Strang, but also was excommunicated. In 1861 he founded the Church of the Messiah in New England and in 1866 moved to the Holy Land; Mark Twain described his encounter with the imperiled colony in his book Innocents Abroad. Adams eventually returned to the United States and died at Philadelphia in May 1880.

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