Tuesday, March 31, 2015

The First Temple Garments

Where were the first temple garments made?
a.                  In the Nauvoo Temple
b.                  At the home of Brigham Young
c.                   At the home of Joseph Smith
d.                  In the Kirtland Temple
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   The thought of meeting Joseph Smith at the judgement bar
Abraham C. Hodge stated that he had some conversation with Robert D. Foster, who told him his feelings on the subject of Mormonism. He said, “Hodge, you are going to the west-I wish I was going among you but it can’t be so, I am the most miserable wretch that the sun shines upon. If I could recall eighteen months of my life I would be willing to sacrifice everything I have upon earth, my wife and child not excepted. I did love Joseph Smith more than any man that ever lived. If I had been present I would have stood between him and death.” Hodge inquired, “Why did you do as you have done” You were accessory to his murder.” He replied” “I know that, and I have not seen one moment’s peace since that time. I know that Mormonism is true, and the thought of meeting (Joseph and Hyrum) at the bar of God is more awful to me than anything else.”

Roberts, B.H., ed., History of the Church, (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1950), 7:513.

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