Sunday, March 8, 2015

The Kirtland Debt

After Joseph left the Kirtland area for Missouri, he and the temple committee left with a debt of $52,000. What percentage of this debt was repaid to the creditors?
a.                  90%
b.                  100%
c.                   None
d.                  75%
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Three suns
P.S. #14 About two weeks after we left Far West three suns were seen to rise one morning which were seen by the people there. The sun, the great orb of the day was in the center, the other two were not quite so bright but produced shadows only dim. Light projected into the heavens from all three. They were seen several hours, but as the sun traveled towards the meridian of the day the others disappeared.

The Israel Barlow Story and Mormon Mores (Salt Lake City: Ora H. Barlow, 1968).

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