Friday, March 6, 2015

Wearing His Best to His Baptism

One of my all-time favorite pioneers is an individual named Mosiah Hancock. His father was Levi Hancock who happened to be one of a number of body guards to the Prophet Joseph Smith. What did Mosiah wear to his baptism?
a.                  Jeans and a Calico shirt
b.                  His suit
c.                   A white jump suit
d.                  A silk shirt and deer skin pants
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      To form a group called the Living Constitiution
Monday, February 17, [1845], the Saints in Nauvoo were all called together. [The] weather [was] pleasant. The object of the meeting was made known by W.W. Phelps. It was to organize the temporal affairs of the Church. Twelve men were chosen [and] called the living constitution. These twelve chose three of the Twelve Apostles; John Taylor, George A. Smith and Amasa Lyman to preside over the temporal affairs of all the Church. Those men were appointed by the Church without a dissenting voice. Able addresses were delivered by the Twelve on the temporal affairs of the Church. [They] urged the necessity of becoming one in feeling and in action in temporal things as well as spiritual.

Autobiography of William Huntington, Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University.

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