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Wilford and the Work for Others

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Wilford Woodruff
We know that Wilford Woodruff performed the temple work for almost all the Presidents of the United States up to that time and the signers of the Declaration of Independence, but who else did he perform this work for?
a.                  Constantine
b.                  Michael Angelo
c.                   Christopher Columbus
d.                  King Agrippa
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      $100/day
The following from the journal of Zadoc Kapp Judd:
They had got a wagon which was about one day's distance. They proposed to me, that if I would go and get the wagon, I should be allowed wages for my time at the rate of one hundred dollars per day, which should be allowed on my share of the outfit they were getting up for our journey homeward. I got the wagon and brought it safe to them.
I must tell you why wages were counted one hundred dollars per day. A man would take his little Indian basket or common milk pan, go to the place where gold was found, fill it with dirt containing gold, take it to the river, sink it up until the dirt was all washed away, then empty the contents of the pan on to a plate, or any tight dish, fill his pan with dirt and gold again and go through the same process of washing the dirt away, and emptying it on to the pile in the plate. When a quantity of this kind had accumulated, it was put into a smaller dish and a spoonful or two of quicksilver added to it. The quicksilver would gather all the gold and the refuse was then thrown away. Quicksilver and gold were then put into a little buckskin sack, the sack was twisted up and wrung and the quicksilver would run through like water through cloth, leaving all the gold in the buckskin sack, and the quicksilver could be used again for an indefinite number of times. In this way a man would gather a hundred dollars worth of gold, or more, in a day.

Autobiography of Zadoc Knapp Judd (1827-1907), Typescript, Harold B. Lee Library, Brigham Young University;

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