Wednesday, April 22, 2015

A Rough Start to the Day

In 1837, at the time of the first mission to England, Heber C. Kimball, Isaac Russell, and Orson Hyde were confronted by armies of the devil. This is the way the day started, but how did the day end?
a.                  All three missionaries becoming possessed
b.                  The missionaries returning home
c.                   The missionaries baptizing a number of converts
d.                  The missionaries deported to Wales
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Dancing
John Hyde stated the following:
   “Mormons love dancing. Almost every third man is a fiddler, and every one must learn to dance .  . . In the winter of 1854-55, there were dancing schools in almost every one of the nineteen [ward] schoolhouses.”

Joseph Heinerman, “The Mormon Meetinghouse: Reflections of Pioneer Religious and Social Life in Salt Lake City,” Utah Historical Quarterly, Fall 1982, 341.

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