Wednesday, April 29, 2015

If You Can’t Beat Them, Then Buy Them Out

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Who did the Saints have to buy out to become the sole residents of Ray County, Missouri?
A)                 Lilburn Boggs, since he owned the land
B)                 Seven Bee Hunters
C)                 The Native tribe in the area
D)                 The French since the land was part of the Louisiana Purchase

Yesterday’s answer:
A.      Stupid
The following from Warren Foote’s journal of March 17, 1842:
Saturday morning, when the disease seemed to settle on me for a long spell of sickness. It was the inflammation on my lungs. I now became very stupid. . .
Then on January 12, 1845 Warren Foote describes his wife sickness:
12th. My wife and I have both been sick with a cold the past week. She is smart again.

Autobiography of Warren Foote, Typescript, HBLL; htpp://

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