Friday, April 3, 2015

“My feet were as cold as though I were dead”

Caroline Holbrook 
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The above words are the words of early Utah pioneer Caroline Frances Angell Davis Holbrook. She was very sick and asked for a blessing. Who did she have administer the ordinance?
a.                  Her husband
b.                  Her son
c.                   Her block teachers
d.                  The Sisters
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Emigration
I am reminded that when I was in Europe, in the early fifties (1850’s) it was reported to the British Government that I was emigrating many people from Great Britain into a wild country, where they were liable to perish, and it was thought that this emigration ought to be stopped. Because of this I was ordered to appear in London and give an account of what I was doing. I was then presiding over the British Mission, and emigrated many people to this country. I responded to this call, and spent about five hours before a committee of sixteen members of Parliament telling them what I was doing. I had been to this valley myself and knew what it was. I told them that I was sending people to a country where they could own a farm and be as independent in their living as the lords and peers were there. I satisfied them, and they all shook hands with me at the end of our interview and wished me well, and I was invited by a number of them to come again to London and spend some time with them. I speak of this to show that the feeling of the people at that time was that this was a wild country, and we were coming here to perish.

General Conference Report, April, 1905.

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