Thursday, April 9, 2015

Others on His Side

Alexander Doniphan

We often hear of Colonel Alexander Doniphan’s courage by refusing General Moses Wilson’s order to execute Joseph Smith, however, there were others. According to Alanson Ripley, how many other militia officers refused to have Joseph Smith and other leaders executed?
a.                  10
b.                  7
c.                   12
d.                  5
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      An ax-type tool used to split planks and shingles
The following is a listing of what Henry Bigler, his father, and John Chase took with them on the Mormon Trail:
Outfit of five wagons, nine horses, six of which are good serviceable horses, two yoke of oxen, one thousand pounds of flour, twelve bushels of cornmeal, two bushels of parch cornmeal, three hundred and fifty pounds of biscuit or sea bread, one hundred and fifty pounds meat, two bushels of seed buck wheat and one hundred pounds of fall wheat, and a variety of garden seeds. Two set of plows, one shovel plow, two spades, two hoes, two froes, one iron wedge, five angers, thirty pounds of iron, 20 extra horseshoes, thirty pounds cutnails, one extra king bolt, two three quartered bots, two light draft chains, fifty pounds of soap, one hundred papers of smoking tobacco, three rifle guns, three muskets, one brace of belt pistols, two kegs of powder, 100 lbs. of lead. . . .

Autobiography of Henry William Bigler, Typescript HBLL, htpp://

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