Thursday, April 16, 2015

Really, Was it any Different?

Mary Jane Tanner writes in her Journal during February of 1878 in which she describes an aspect of pioneer life that really hasn't changed over the decades. What do you think she was referring to?
a.                  Housekeeping
b.                  Evenings with the family
c.                   Church callings
d.                  Marriage

Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Over 500
Eliza R. Snow is referred to as “Zion’s Poetess,” largely due to the fact she wrote over 500 poems during her life time. She was twenty-one years old when her first poem appeared under a pseudonym in a frontier Ohio newspaper and eight weeks away from her death at the age of eighty-three when her last poem appeared in the Mormon Woman’s Exponent.

Edited by Jill Mulvay Derr and Karen Lynn Davidson, “Eliza R. Snow’s Poetry,” BYU Studies, Volume 48, Number 3, 2009, 131.

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