Wednesday, April 1, 2015

The Common Ancestor

Excluding Adam, who is the common ancestors to 5 Church presidents, 3 presidents of the United States, and 1 signer of the Declaration of Independence?
a.                  Thomas Edison
b.                  King Henry V
c.                   Rev. John Lathrop
d.                  Julius Caesar
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      In the Nauvoo Temple
December 26, 1845. Friday: I shall not have any more cutting and sewing of garments going on in the (Nauvoo) Temple. I shall have houses selected where garments can be cut and made.

An Intimate Chronicle: The Journal of William Clayton, George D. Smith, ed. (Salt Lake City, Signature Books, 1995)

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  1. I do not know about the others, but King Henry V is my 1st cousin 17 times removed. Jim