Saturday, April 18, 2015

The Store Chain Growing to Bigger Things

David Eccles string of general stores in Utah (1880’s) grew into what great financial institution today?
a.                  The Bank of America
b.                  First Security Bank
c.                   Wells and Fargo
d.                  The Bank of Montreal
Yesterday’s answers:
a.      His prophecy that the temple cornerstone in Far West, Missouri would be laid
This would have been in fulfillment of the revelation Joseph Smith received (D&C 118:4-5) that the apostles were to leave for their mission to England from the temple site at Far West on April 26th, 1839 and lay a cornerstone before they left on this mission. Many outside the Church felt this would not happen, now that the Saints had been pushed out of Missouri.
“While father was still sick, he went up to Missouri to see the Prophet [in Liberty Jail]. He then went to our old home at Plum Creek. He was also at the laying of the corner stone of the Far West Temple. While there, he learned where Turk was, our horse that had been stolen from us by the mob. He got Turk, and started towards Nauvoo, where we were living then; but decided to leave the horse with George Parish, who had married my cousin Abigail Hancock. He got some peach and plum trees and then went up to Montrose; plunged into the river and swam over to Nauvoo.”

Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, Typescript, BYU-S;

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