Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Whack of the Ruler

When I attended school, teachers could still hit students with the yard stick for disturbances in the class. I was at the tail end of one of those whacks, but it had nothing to do with me being disorderly and everything to do that I answered a math question wrong. Early Utah member, Martha Hancock found herself in the same position. What did she do to cause her to be whacked by the teacher?
a.                  Chewing gum
b.                  Being disorderly
c.                   Being a bully
d.                  Drawing a picture in class
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   That he was to continue to plant potatoes because he now knew he could
At this time I was in a dream, a young cow, standing in my potato patch munching a hill of potatoes which she had evidently pulled up. The roots with potatoes on were hanging down. I was impressed with my dream and hastened in the morning to visit my patch. When I reached it sure enough in the midst of the patch with her face toward me stood the identical cow that I saw in my dream, munching a hill of potatoes. Her standing position, size, color, shape of horns, the green tips in her mouth and roots hanging with white potatoes on them just as I had seen in my dream. I looked upon this dream as providential, since but for the dream, all the potatoes would have disappeared, and I would not have known whether that land would grow potatoes or not. This might have made me unwilling to try again but now I knew and went ahead.

Journal of John M. Horner; http://www.boap.org/

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