Friday, April 10, 2015

“They would cuff me about like an old pair of boots”

Anson Call
These are the words of early member of the church, Anson Call. What was he referring to?
a.                  How the Missouri mob handled him
b.                  How the Mormon elders handled him
c.                   How his kids handled him
d.                  How his oxen handled him on the Mormon Trail
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   5
We have often heard how Alexander Doniphan disobeyed General Moses Wilsons command to have Joseph Smith and other Church leaders executed the next morning at Far West. Apparently, according to Alanson Ripley, Joseph Smith had others on his side.
   There were seventeen officers who composed this court martial and twelve out of seventeen consented to the death of these men, but thank God there was virtue enough in the minority to overrule the infamy of the majority, therefore their lives were spared.

Times and Seasons, Vol. 1. No. 3., Commerce, Illinois, January, 1840.

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