Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Zion’s Poetess

Eliza R. Snow
Eliza R. Snow is referred to as Zion’s Poetess due to the number of poems she wrote during her lifetime. How many poems did she write?
a.                  Over 1,000
b.                  Over 250
c.                   Over 750
d.                  Over 500
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Drawing a picture in classs
In those days drawing pictures in school was not allowed. School teachers had the right to whip children for that as well as other offenses. I remember some teachers beating their pupils unmercifully for even minor offenses.
One day a boy sitting in a desk behind me raised his hand and said, “Brother Hancock, Tora has made a picture of a little boy on her slate.” I was called up front and the one whack that father gave me on the hand with his heavy ruler was awful. I was thankful that he didn’t hit me more than once.

Autobiography of Martha M. Hancock; http//

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