Monday, May 18, 2015

Directing his Correspondence

Whenever Brigham Young had to send a correspondence to the Mormon Battalion, surprisingly, who did he send it to?
a.                  Levi Hancock, spiritual leader of the Battalion and general authority
b.                  President Polk, United States President
c.                   Lieutenant Colonel Philip St. George Cooke, Commander of the Mormon Battalion
d.                  Captain Jefferson Hunt-Mormon officer
Yesterday’s answer:
(B)   Meeting attendance
Bishop Hunter acknowledged that ward meetings were “not so well attended as they might be.” In fact some were hardly attended. Within several years after its organization, the Relief Society had as few as five sisters at its meetings and seldom more than a dozen. The situation was apparently pervasive. “The non-attendance at meetings,” observed the peripatetic Goddard whose widespread activities must have given him an unparalleled view, was “about as much neglected as any other duty.”

Hunter: Minutes of the Bishops’ Meetings, 11 February 1852; Relief Society: Thirteenth Ward Relief Society Records, 1854-57, June 1856, LDS Archives; Goddard:  Minutes of the Bishops’ Meetings, 18 December 1855, Presiding Bishopric Papers.

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