Sunday, May 3, 2015

Dual Purpose

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Temple Block, Salt Lake City
What was set up on the north-east corner of the temple block during part of the construction of the Salt Lake Temple?
A)                 The stone cutters
B)                 A temporary sawmill
C)                 The tithing yard
D)                 Molasses production

Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   The Surgeon’s medicine
In a letter from Brigham Young to the Mormon Battalion dated August 19, 1846, Brigham Young writes:
   . . . If you are sick, live by faith, and let the surgeon’s medicine alone if you want to live, using only such herbs and mild foods as are at your disposal.
This counsel would make sense since it was the surgeon’s medicine that killed Alvin Smith.

Daniel Tyler, A Concise History of the March of the Mormon Battalion, (Salt Lake City: Juvenile Instructor Press, 1885), 146.

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