Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lorenzo’s Thinking

Lorenzo Snow
I remember a time on my mission the thrill I had when one of our investigators asked us if we could have our weekly meetings with his Bible study group. He stated they were all interested in hearing and learning about the Latter-day Saints. Lorenzo Snow received the same invitation on his mission, however he didn’t go. Why not?
a.                  He was too tired
b.                  He was leaving the area anyways
c.                   A dream forewarned him
d.                  His sister sent him a poem (Eliza R. Snow) warning him not to go
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The Missouri mob/militia
The following statement by Alanson Ripley is in reference to the incident when Church leaders were turned into the hands of the mob at Far West, Missouri:
   The mob forced them immediately into their camp, and the treatment that they received there, would make the blood thirsty savage of the wilderness blush, or the wandering Arab hide his face in shame.
Times and Seasons, Vol. 1. No. 3, Commerce, Illinois, January, 1840.

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