Saturday, May 30, 2015

Messing with the Ellsworth Handcart Company

Life wasn’t all drudgery on the trail west. Let’s face it, the Saints still knew how to have a good time. Dances were held, songs sung, campfire stories, tricks were played and practical jokes were a common occurrence. The MacArthur and Ellsworth handcart companies were on the trail at the same time. The Ellsworth Company left a number of days earlier, and in Brother Ellsworth mind was in competition to beat the MacArthur Company to the Salt Lake Valley. In the journal of Phyllis Hardie Ferguson, we learn this little delightful detail of the trek west. What did the MacArthur Company do to the Ellsworth Company when they caught up to them?
a.                  Surprised attacked them at night
b.                  Pretended like they were going to pass them at night
c.                   Kidnapped Brother Ellsworth
d.                  Took the wheels off their handcarts at night
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   The B.Y.A. Student
The first student newspaper published in Utah was in 1891 and titled the B.Y.A. Student.

Eugene L. Roberts and Mrs. Eldon Reed Cluff, “Benjamin Cluff Jr., Scholar, Educational Administrator, and Explorer: Second Principal of the Brigham Young Academy and First President of Brigham Young University; A Study of the Life and Labors of One of Utah’s First School Administrators,” unpublished typescript (1947), 219.

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