Friday, May 22, 2015

“Nauvoo has had a mighty puke and it is the bad stuff that is thrown up”

Joseph Fielding used the above terminology to describe what?
a.                  Illinois Governor Ford
b.                  The breakoff groups of Saints
c.                   The Illinois militia
d.                  The surrounding area newspaper editors
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   The apostate Mormons
We reached St. Louis in eight days. Here we saw some poor faithless Saints, something like spider webs set to catch flies. They came to us with fair words as our best friends, but their council was that of enemies, but did not prevail to stay any of our company, except two. Most of them had been to Nauvoo but had not faith enough to live there.

Joseph Fielding, Diary (1843-1846), Church Archives in "They Might Have Known That He Was Not a Fallen Prophet"--The Nauvoo Journal of Joseph Fielding," transcribed and edited by Andrew F. Ehat, BYU Studies 19 (Winter 1979).

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