Sunday, May 31, 2015

Parley P. Pratt—A Man of Many Talents

Parley P. Pratt
How many hymns did Parley P. Pratt write?
a.                  About 20
b.                  About 75
c.                   About 50
d.                  About 30
Yesterday’s answer:
B.   Pretended they were going to pass them at night
The following from the journal of Phyllis Hardie Ferguson, who crossed the plains in the McArthur Company, on her recollections of their company catching the Ellsworth Company. To undersand this story you must know that Brother Ellsworth was extremely competitive and did all in his power to stay ahead of the McArthur Company. Just know that after the McArthur Company had their fun, they backed off and let the Ellsworth Company enter Salt Lake City first regardless of the fact that the McArthur Company had left Winter Quarters much later than the Ellsworth Company and could have easily beaten them to the Salt Lake Valley:
   When it became quite dark we reached the top of a high hill, where by Captain McArthur’s instructions we left the handcarts, and quietly walked down towards the blazing camp fires. Just before we reached the Ellsworth company, we all began to shout, “Hurrah for the handcarts!”
   Captain Ellsworth, thinking it was the overland mail coach, in which was Franklin D. Richards, the returning president of the European mission, and others who were expected, hurriedly called out the band to give them glad welcome. Imagine his chagrin when he discovered that his welcome was given to the Scotch handcart company, who had overtaken him!

David Roberts, Devils Gate (New York City: Simon and Schuster, 2008), 109-110.

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