Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Running the Ad

For what purpose did Joseph Smith have to run an add six consecutive weeks during the fall of 1824 in the Wayne Sentinel, the local paper published in Palmyra, New York?
a.                  To increase his maple syrup sales
b.                  To increase Book of Mormon sales
c.                   To let the public know that his son Alvin was still in the grave, unmolested
d.                  To let the public know they no longer were the owners of their farm in Manchester
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Captain Jefferson Hunt-Mormon officer
It’s interesting that Brigham Young addressed his battalion correspondence to Captain Jefferson Hunt and not Levi W. Hancock, one of the General Authorities who was one of the Seven Presidents of the Seventies at the time, and the spiritual leader of the Battalion.

Authority Conflicts in the Mormon Battalion, Eugene E. Campbell, BYU Studies, Winter 68, p. 129.

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