Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Soaking in his Mission

It’s not uncommon for missionaries today to learn the culture and visit places of interest within their mission boundaries. This is all part of enjoying the mission experience. I was spoiled in New England, there was much to see from an American and Church historical perspective. In fact, in my third area we had not only Lucy Mack Smith’s birthplace (Gilsum, New Hampshire), but also Brigham Young’s birthplace (Whittingham, Vermont). To top it off, Peterborough, New Hampshire was also in the same area. I have read a number accounts of missionaries stopping here (Brigham Young included) to preach the gospel. Yes, I knocked on the same doors that these early missionaries did in Peterborough, and in the process frost bit my ear, but it was worth it. Early missionary Jesse Crosby was no different. While serving in the highly industrial city of Lowell, Massachusetts, he took the time to learn how much cloth the city produced in a week and also in a year. How many yards of cloth did this city produce in a week?
a.                  50,000 yards
b.                  3.2 million yards
c.                   500,000 yards
d.                  6.4 million yards
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   To let the public know his son Alvin still lay in the grave, unmolested
The following advertisement was placed by Joseph Smith Sr. in the Wayne Sentinel, which was printed in Palmyra on six successive Wednesdays from September to November of 1824. This ad was placed to those who had started a rumor that Alvin Smith’s body had been dug up from its grave and mutilated.
To the Public
   Whereas reports have been industriously put in circulation, that my son Alvin had been removed from the place of his interment and dissected, which reports, every person possessed of human sensibility must know, are peculiarly calculated to harrow up the mind of apparent and deeply wound the feelings of relation—therefore, for the purpose, I, with some of my neighbors, this morning repaired to the grave, and removing the earth, found the body which had not been disturbed.
   This method is taken for the purpose of satisfying the minds of those who may have heard the report, and of informing those who have put it in circulation, that it is earnestly requested they would desist therefrom; and that it is believed by some, that they have been stimulated more by a desire to injure the reputation of certain persons than a philanthropy for the peace and welfare of myself and friends.   Joseph Smith.
Palmyra, Sept. 25th, 1824.

Wayne Sentinel

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