Monday, May 25, 2015

Splitting the School of the Prophets

The School of the Prophets closed temporarily in April of 1833 only to re-open in the fall of 1834 under the name of the Elders School and the Kirtland School. Why were two schools formed from one?
a.                  Differences of opinion among Church leaders
b.                  One school was spiritual knowledge whereas the other was secular knowledge
c.                   One school was free while the other charged a tuition
d.                  One School trained the Priesthood while the other school was for the Relief Society
Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   A dream forewarned him
Lorenzo Snow relates the following while serving a mission in Ohio in 1837:
   One night Lorenzo had a dream of falling into the hands of a mob. The following evening Lorenzo was visiting with friends when two young, well dressed men asked him to come and preach to them and others at a nearby school house. Lorenzo shares the following:
   After a little hesitation on my part, they began to urgently request my acceptance of their invitation. . . . and I told them that I could not comply with their wishes. When they were convinced that I was immovable, . . . they not only manifested disappointment, but were exceedingly angry.
   The next day I learned that they told the truth so far as a congregated audience waiting my appearance. . . . but the object was entirely different from that reported by the young men—it corresponded precisely with my dream.

Snow, Eliza R., The Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow (Salt Lake City: Deseret News Co., 1884), 17.

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