Thursday, May 14, 2015

Which Hymnbook and Page Number

How many different hymn books were used in the early church during meetings?
a.                  2
b.                  3
c.                   4
d.                  5
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Land speculators
     After their escape, it was necessary for the brethren to take on fictitious names and pose as land speculators looking for a place to settle. One night they stayed at an out-of-the-way ranch. Having given the owner of the ranch their fictitious names and their desire to buy land, the “land seekers” arose the next morning and were enjoying their time of freedom outside the house before they began their days journey. All were outside except for Alexander McRae, who was inside the house conversing with the proprietor of the ranch. This man had forgotten Alexander McRae’s “name,” as he had forgotten it. This took Alexander complete by surprise. Orange Lyman writes the following of the incident, “It had the effect to cause Bro. McRae to take a terrible cramp in the stomach. It came near throwing him into spasms.” The farmer ran out where his companions were and told them their friend was very ill. They came rushing in and said, “Mr. Brown, what is the matter with you; what have you been eating?” This “relieved Mr. Brown to such an extent that he began to get better right away. In the meantime, the proprietor had brought in a jug of whiskey . . . and recommended Mr. Brown to take a glass-thought it would help him. He done so; and the others-those that were disposed that way which was nearly all-[also] took some for fear the disease was contagious.” Orange Wight mentions that whenever these brethren got together and they partook of a beverage of any kind they would teasingly suggest that Bro. McRae be served first in case he should get a cramp and “not be able to remember his name.”

Orange L. Wight, “Reminiscences,” 15-17. Ms

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