Monday, June 8, 2015

A Salt Lake Valley Menu

Pioneer Robert Gardner said he had to boil what so that his family had something to eat?
A)                 Soup
B)                 Potatoes
C)                 A cow’s hide
D)                 Road kill

Yesterday’s answer:
a.                  A minister of another faith
A Baptist Clergyman from the state of New York, who had been acquainted with the Prophet Joseph in his early life, called upon him and staid [stayed] all night. Joseph made the minister welcome, and treated him hospitably and respectfully; but, when breakfast was over next morning, he called Joseph a hypocrite, a liar, an imposter and a false prophet, and called upon him to repent. Joseph boxed his ears with both hands, and, turning his face towards the door, kicked him into the street. He immediately went before a magistrate, and swore out a writ against Joseph for assault and battery. I saw the operation, and followed the minister into the squire's office, and demanded a writ for his apprehension, for provoking an assault; the clerk filling up the writ I called for first--the minister, fearing trouble, paid for his writ and withdrew without it, and made his way post haste for Cuyahoga County; I followed him on horseback, making him travel pretty lively until he got a few rods over the line when I overtook him and said, `Sir, you are lucky to have got over the line, and out of my jurisdiction, or I should have arrested you.'

The Latter-day Saints' Millennial Star 26 (1864):834-36; 27 (1865):5-7.

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