Friday, June 12, 2015

He Dedicated the Hill at Manti For a Temple

Manti Temple
Who dedicated the temple site at Manti, Utah?
A)                 Moroni
B)                 Brigham Young
C)                 Wilford Woodruff
D)                 Joseph Smith

Yesterday’s answer:
(A) A pig
The following story is in reference to when the Saints first entered Commerce, Illinois after being pushed out of Missouri:
   One day father was working on a plow, and several good sized shoats came into the yard and began to root up the garden. We had driven them out three times, and father said, "If you come in here once more, I will kill you with a hewing"! I went into a thicket and prayed that father would take a good sized chunk and kill one of those pigs. They did come in again, and father picked up a good sized chunk he had just hewed off a plough beam and threw it with unerring accuracy--hitting mr. piggy right between the eyes, and knocking him dead! Father groaned out, "I am undone!" Then he grabbed the shoat by one leg and started about town to tell of his misfortune. He could not find the owner though, so he anchored the pig at Squire Well's, telling him of his trouble. Whereupon, the worthy Squire said, "Mr. Hancock, you cannot find the owner, so take the pig home and make good use of it". Father brought it home, and it weighed some 80 or 90 pounds! Mother skinned the shoat-then told father not to worry over such small matters. But the rest of the shoats did not seem satisfied, so they came back again! The same boy made another prayer, and the same arm threw the same piece of wood-- and another shoat died right there--and mother skinned another shoat! We were all happy as long as the meat lasted. I always felt that God opened the way for us to get something to eat.

Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, Typescript, BYU-S;

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