Saturday, June 6, 2015

Hyrum’s Unfinished Business

Hyrum Smith
What did Hyrum Smith agreed to do once he was released from Carthage jail?
a.                  Dedicate the Nauvoo Temple
b.                  Baptize one of his children in the temple baptistery
c.                   Seal Brother and Sister Blood in the temple
d.                  Journey west and find a resting spot for the Saints
Yesterday’s answer:
b.   Planning his death
From the life of Isaac Leany:
During the early days, when the Saints were threatened with the army, grandfather had another dream which was fulfilled. Again it was the sign of an enemy a large snake coiled and menacing the valley of Salt Lake. We see the fulfillment of this dream in Johnston's army, which was a menace to the city until the outbreak of the Civil War. In the fall of 1873 grandfather had been confined to his bed for some time, but on October 30th was feeling better, and calling his oldest son to his bed side spoke to him something like this. "It was a cold night last night was it not?"
"Yes, father," said George, "there was a heavy frost."
"My son do you know it was just 35 years ago today since I was shot at Haun's Mill? My son, I am going to die today."
"No, father," answered George, "you are better today."
"Yes, I know," he answered, "but I am going to die tonight. My mission on earth is filled. I wouldn't turn my hand over to live another 24 hours except for what good I might do for others. Now I will tell you how I want to be buried. Want a plain board casket, you may stain it if you wish, but make it plain. I want no hearse, my own team and wagon will suit me better."
All this was said as if he was planning a vacation. His life had been such that he could anticipate with joy the meeting of his Creator. That night he died, a noble man, a prince of the house of Israel.

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