Saturday, June 27, 2015

Losing by a Landslide

When we state that one political opponent defeats another, the terminology we use is “landslide.” To be honest, it was more than a landslide that Sidney Rigdon lost by when the votes were taken as to who should lead the Church after Joseph Smith died. How many votes did Sidney receive?
a.                  20
b.                  11
c.                   1
d.                  7
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Confirmations
Due to a lack of attendance, a Reformation was initiated in 1857 to recommit the Saints to their meetings. As part of this recommitment a re-baptismal day was set aside.
     The congregation’s ordinance book listed 563 rebaptisms in 1857-almost everyone over eight years of age who wished active membership with the religion. The reconfirming process dominated the ward’s fast and prayer meetings on 5 March 1857. “About 150 were reconfirmed under the hands of twelve brethren divided into six couples,” reported Goddard. The ordinances began at 10 A.M. and concluded at 9 P.M., with only a few hours respite in the late afternoon.

Thirteenth Ward General Minutes, 1857; George Goddard Diary, 5 March 1857, George Goddard Papers.

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