Sunday, June 7, 2015

Physically Throwing Him out of His House

On one occasion it became necessary for the Prophet to throw a person from his home. Who was the person?
a.                  A minister of another faith
b.                  Porter Rockwell
c.                   Brigham Young
d.                  The local Sheriff
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Seal Brother and Sister Blood in the temple
The following from the autobiography of Charles Lamb; the year 1844:
   We arrived at Orleans, March 6, and there was the Maid of Ioway, Dan Jones, Captain. This belonged to the Church, but when I saw the boat and engines, I said it would not do for me, but Brother Kay, thinking to gain favor by taking her, engaged the company no. 208. Though my fare was paid to Nauvoo, I told them I would go to work until I got money to go in a decent vessel. A brother, an engineer, said he would not trust his family on board, resolved to go on a boat named Henry, and if I would go he would lend me the money and I go with them, and I accepted. He apostatized soon after he got there. In ten days we was up there but the Company was more than five weeks and suffered much.
   The day after I arrived, as I had some business to transact with the Prophet Joseph, I went and had an interview with him and William Clayton. I felt good. I went up to the Nauvoo Temple and saw there was work for me, but my dress and general appearance did not bespeak that of a working man. I enquired for those in charge. Reynolds Cahoon presented himself and some others. They tried me very much and sought to make game of me. They took me for a crank and enthusiast. R. Cahoon at last said if you can work we can do with your work, but we have nothing to give you. I replied sharply I have not come here to work for pay I have come to help to build that House, pointing to the Nauvoo Temple. Then they laughed. At this time I had not one penny and an entire stranger. I went to work but how I lived for three weeks I cannot tell. I saw the press type of the Expositor burn; I was present when the Prophet was talking to some Indians that had come to see him; I attended his weekly meetings regularly, never missed; I appreciate the instructions I received.
   I will here relate a circumstance. A Brother William Blood, that crossed the sea in the same vessel, fell sick. He sent for me and said he wished to ask a favor. I promised. Says he, I know I am going to die and I want you to promise before these witnessed that you will be a counselor to my family and that you would get Brother Hyrum Smith to seal me and my wife before I die. I went and saw Brother Hyrum, he promised as soon as he got back from Carthage he would attend to it. He never came back alive, but that has been attended too since.

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