Sunday, June 28, 2015

Showing Them the Way

When the Ashby family became confused at all the roads leading to Winter Quarters, and not knowing which one to take, who showed them the way?
a.                  The Angel Moroni
b.                  The Three Nephites
c.                   Their father who had passed away earlier
d.                  A Missouri mobber
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      20
When Sidney Rigdon wanted to lead the Church and Brigham Young stood and appeared and sounded like the Prophet Joseph Smith, how many votes did Sidney Rigdon receive in favor to lead the Church?
There was a great multitude attending the meeting, more than one half the crowd could not find seats, and stood on their feet. Never were so many at one meeting that I ever saw. I was sitting down and could not see the speakers on the stand. I was listening very attentively, so that I could hear every word. I heard a voice speaking, I was surprised, and jumping to my feet, expecting Joseph the Prophet was speaking, having heard him often in public and private, so that I was quite acquainted with his voice. This was a strong testimony that the Twelve Apostles were the rightful leaders of the Church and that the mouth of Joseph had fallen on Brigham Young. Out of the vast multitude about twenty votes for Rigdon to be guardian of young Joseph until he should come of age, he then being a boy of ten or eleven years of age.

Autobiography of William Adams, typescript, HBLL.,

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