Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Best Way to Rest

In his journal, Battalion member, Zadoc Kapp Judd states that doing what was the best way to rest?
a.                  Dancing
b.                  Wrestling
c.                   Sleeping
d.                  Doing nothing
Yesterday’s answer:
D.   Mount of Roses
The original name of Montrose, Iowa (the LDS town across the Mississippi River from Nauvoo, Illinois) was Mount of Roses. This was due to the fact that many wild roses grew on the bluffs in the surrounding area.

Lyndon W. Cook, “Isaac Galland—Mormon Benefactor.” BYU Studies 19 (Spring 1979), 261-84; (Mrs.) Russell Hancock, Montrose in Retrospect (Montrose: Telcon, 1969); Stanley B. Kimball, “Nauvoo West: The Mormons of the Iowa Shore.” BYU Studies 18 (Winter 1978), 132-42.

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