Monday, June 22, 2015

The First Children’s Friend

What year was the first Children’s Friend published?
a.                  1850
b.                  1866
c.                   1902
d.                  1931
Yesterday’s answer:
(A) Woodies
Father sold some goods, clothing, groceries etc. he’d brought from Manti and bought lumber, with which he started a three room house. But it was never finished, for although they raised a good garden when they got water—after digging a large ditch a mile long—they had much trouble with a neighbor—an apostate Mormon who kept stealing their water. But that was not their worst grief; the officers who had not bothered father in Manti were again on his trail. But he did manage to teach school there that next winter. The bones of my leg not being very strong, I had to walk a mile to school through deep snow and tall sage brush. And I had to wear big heavy wooden shoes. As that was mostly a Danish community, quite a number of the people wore them. Mine were too large so I’d take them and my stockings off and hurry as best I could barefooted, for the snow would almost freeze my toes; I’d put on my “woodies” before reaching the school house.

History of Martha M. Hancock;

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