Monday, June 29, 2015

The Frist Missionary Tract

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What was the first missionary tract published by the Church?
a.                  The Plan of Salvation
b.                  Lectures on Faith
c.                   The Thirteen Articles of Faith
d.                  A Voice of Warning
Yesterday’s answer:
c.   Their father who had passed away previously
The following is in reference to a spiritual manifestation that the Ashby family received shortly after the death of the father to the Ashby family. They were crossing Iowa when the following experience takes place.
   The next day we started and when we came in sight of the Missouri River there was many roads leading off in different directions. Not knowing which to take, we stopped to consult when I looked up and saw a man walking up one of the roads. I told mother that I would run and ask this man and started to run to him. He was a short man like my father, and indeed he was dressed in a green jacket like father used to wear in Nauvoo. The last I saw of him he was apparently going down a depression which looked like it had been made by a run of water across the road. Mother hollered to me, “Where are you going Ben?” And I turned and said I going to ask this man and when I turned again there was no man in sight. I run on quite a distance thinking he had gone down the hill and though I went considerable distance farther than he was when I saw him last, the road was level was a floor with no depression in it I went back with the impression than he had got out of sight up the road, and though he looked like father it did not occur to my mind that my father was watching over us but I noticed that mother became very serious when I described the personage that I had seen after I returned to the wagon. However, we took the road and arrived at Kanesville about four o’ clock.

Autobiography of Benjamin Ashby,

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