Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Where Lehi Encountered Land

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In 1842 a Times and Seasons article suggested that Lehi landed where in the new world?
A)                 Chile
B)                 Panama
C)                 Mexico
D)                 Guatemala

Yesterday’s answer:
(C) A cow’s hide
The following is the menu of those that survived the first winter in the Salt Lake Valley:
   This looked very discouraging, one thousand miles from any supplies our provisions fell short on account of taking on one of the pioneers whom we found without any provisions. So we fell from half ration to quarter ration. We tried to help out with weeds and what I could with my gun, hawks, crows, snipes, ducks, cranes and wolves, and thistles, roots and rawhide. I had no cow for I had to kill the only one I had the fall before and we had no milk. I took the dry hide that come of my cow. I scalded it and boiled it and eat it. And believe me this was tough. I have known my wife, Jane, to pick wild onion and violets when they first come up on the hillside for hours at a time, and boiled them and thicken them with a rich gravy made of two spoonful of corn meal that would make just what would lay on a small plate. This made a meal or a dinner for my wife and me and three children, but we were blessed in one thing; our children never cried for bread, and that was a thing I often dreaded, lest a time might come when my children might cry for bread and I have none to give them. But all was quite contented and we enjoyed good health . . .

Autobiography of Robert Gardner Jr., Typescript, HBLL;

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