Friday, July 10, 2015

Before he was a Member

Newell Knight
Before Newell Knight was a member and previous to the Church being organized, Newell compared Joseph Smith’s situation to who?
a.                  Abraham
b.                  Joseph, the father of Jesus
c.                   His own
d.                  Joseph Smith’s grandfather
Yesterday’s answer:
(A)     Nauvoo, Illinois
From the autobiography of Charles Lamb:
Now Nauvoo was the worse place for a single man I ever lived in. I went and got me a house and lot in case I should find someone to share with me my lot. It so happened that one evening I met with a young girl in the house of Edwin Mitchell with a nice sunbonnet on. I looked and the more I became interested that one is to be my wife and it stuck to me she was going up the river to a place she had been spending some time previous and I confess it was the longest three weeks I ever lived. She came back and it was soon settled. She had a dream and I was shown to her as her husband and not only that but it was shown to her that I was to be guardian for her brothers and sister. Our courtship was but a short one. I have frequently remarked we got married and done our courting after and had not gone through with it yet and wished to continue. We was married by President John Taylor, her uncle by marriage, his first wife being sister to George Canon, father to George Q. Cannon. This took place November 28, 1844. We afterwards was sealed in the Nauvoo Temple by President John Taylor, but not at the alter; it been taken down. We received our washings and annointings in the Nauvoo Temple.

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