Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mormon Standard Time

We all know what Mormon Standard Time is and I suspect that most of us, if judged, would be found guilty. Yes, it’s a common sight to see only a 1/3 to ½ the ward present at the start of any meeting, with the remainder making their presence felt 20 minutes after the meeting has started.  Sidney Rigdon may have tired of this. What did he do when some showed up late to a meeting in the Kirtland Temple?
a.                  Reprimanded those late over the pulpit for all to hear
b.                  Made first use of the term “Mormon Standard Time”
c.                   Cancelled the remainder of the meeting
d.                  Invited those that were late to come forward and speak
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   His Seventies meeting
Thirteenth Ward member, George Goddard attended over forty church-related meetings in the month of March 1857, only being home 2 nights during the month. According to his journal we can decipher the following meeting schedule.
Two Sunday worship services: One at the Tabernacle and one in his ward.
Monday: Attended the Seventies Lectures.
Wednesdays: Choir practice.
Thursdays: The ward’s prayer service.
Fridays: At Nathaniel Felt’s prayer circle.
Additional meetings: First Thursday in the month, the afternoon fast meeting. On other nights he visited his assigned teaching blocks, attended his teachers’ meeting, the high priests’ meeting, the lesser priesthood meeting, there was the bimonthly bishops’ meetings, occasional lyceums and parties, and a miscellaneous meeting with President Young himself.

George Goddard Diary, George Goddard Papers.

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