Saturday, July 4, 2015

Over Zealous in their Celebration

What burned to the ground in Salt Lake City during the 1890 4th of July celebration?
a.                  Walker’s Grand Opera House
b.                  The Endowment House
c.                   The Council House
d.                  The State Capitol building
Yesterday’s answer:
(D)   Thomas Tennant
Most have heard the story of “Father” John Tanner and how he gave his all to the church whenever asked. If it wasn’t for Brother Tanner the Kirtland Temple would have gone into foreclosure. He gave of his riches until he was as penniless as any of his Nauvoo neighbors. The same can also be said of Thomas Tennant.
  Well-to-do land owner Thomas Tennant, Esquire, sold his Midlands estate for 27,000 pounds, millions by today’s measure, to bolster the empty coffers of the emigrating fund. He, age forty-six, his wife Jane, age twenty-six, and their one-year-old son Thomas made the journey in the Hodgett Wagon Train. His caravan included four wagons and a carriage.
Thomas never did see the Salt Lake Valley. At Devils Gate, Wyoming, just one month shy from the Valley, he passed away.

Heidi Swinton and Lee Groberg, SweetWater Rescue: The Willie and Martin Handcart Story (American Fork, Utah: Covenant Communications Inc., 2006), 14.

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