Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Secondary Payment

Why did the state of Nevada seize horses and cattle from the Saints?
A)                 To pay the property tax on a LDS chapel
B)                 The saints were over their allocation of animal units for the land leased from the state, thereby damaging the range
C)                 To help Missouri pay the lingering military expense due to the expulsion of the Saints from that state
D)                 As a way to discourage the Saints from settling the state of Nevada

Yesterday’s answer:
(C)   Her bed gowns
The following from the life of early pioneer James Ririe as told by La Verna Burnett Newey:
   “By the summer of 1857, our food famine was past, but now we found ourselves destitute of clothes. I had managed to buy or trade with the Indians for buckskins, so I had a buckskin shirt and straw hat. These were my weekday clothes. I had got a Sunday pair of pants made of the end of a Scottish Tartan plaid I had brought with me. The other part made a good shawl for my wife. My wife made a Sunday shirt for me out of her bedgowns. I had moccasins for Sunday shoes. I went barefooted all the week. I thought myself as well dressed as the rest on Sunday. I saw several brethren come to meeting barefooted.”

Chronicles of Courage, Lesson Committee comp., (Salt Lake City: Daughters of Utah Pioneers, 1991), 2:64.

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