Sunday, July 26, 2015

Sharing His Opinion

Orson Hyde
What did Orson Hyde say about the Book of Mormon the first time he read it?
A)                 A revelation sent from God to man
B)                 A fiction
C)                 The most correct of any book
D)                 The Devil’s Bible

Yesterday’s answer:
(C) U.S. army officers
Martha Hancock shares the following:
“We needed to put up a desperate fight, for it would have been bad for us if he’d taken Mosiah and left Esther and me alone with the children on that winter wilderness. When we got a watering place (I think it was Jacob’s Pools near the Buckskin Mountains,) Mosiah took the team, which had traveled all day without water, to a mining place and asked for water. They told him they were U. S. Army officers and would let him have water if he would let them have one of the women with him, for they had no women there. Mosiah knew that he would have not to appear to be opposed to their desires. So he got them to let us have water then by promising that he would see what the girls said about it and then let the officers know the next morning. So when he told us, I said, `Well, if either of us has to go, I’ll go. I’ll stand out where they can see me and you point me out to them.’”
“We did a lot of praying about that also. When Mosiah went with his bucket and horses for more water, I saw him pointing me out to them. When they looked over at me, I waived my gun above my head and yelled out in a very coarse voice, `Hurrah! Hurrah! Hurrah! For Hell!’ I repeated that three times, then added,`Come on, come on, ye sons of Hell!’ I’m ready for you!’”
“Well they thought I was insane or something else awful; they looked disgusted and said, `Go on, go on, Mr. Hancock. We don’t want her.’”

History of Martha M. Hancock; htpp//

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