Monday, July 27, 2015

The First Adoption Sealing

Who was the first couple to have adopted children sealed to them in this dispensation?
a.                  President and Sister Young
b.                  President and Sister Woodruff
c.                   Brother and Sister Porter Rockwell
d.                  Brother and Sister George A. Smith
Yesterday’s answer:
(B) A fiction
Orson Hyde shares the following story at the time he belonged to the Campbellites:
Early in the spring of 1830, I returned to Elyria and Florence, and became the pastor of the churches raised up the fall previous. During the fall and winter of 1830, I also taught school in Florence. During this fall, Samuel H. Smith, Zibar [Ziba?] Peterson, F. [Frederick] G. Williams and Peter Whitmer came along through that section, preaching the `golden bible’ or `Mormonism,’ I encountered them; but perceiving that they were mostly illiterate men, and at the same time observing some examples of superior wisdom and truth in their teaching, I resolved to read the famed `golden bible,’ as it was called.
Accordingly, I procured the book and read a portion of it, but came to the conclusion that it was all a fiction. I preached several times against the `Mormon’ doctrine or rather against the `Mormon’ bible. On one occasion, the people of Ridgeville, near Elyria, sent for me to preach against the `Mormon’ bible. I complied with the request, and preached against it. The people congratulated me much, thinking that `Mormonism’ was completely floored. But I, for the first time, thought that the `Mormon’ bible might be the truth of heaven; and fully resolved before leaving the house, that I would never preach against it anymore until I knew more about it, being pretty strongly convicted in my own mind that I was doing wrong. I closed up my school and my preaching in that section, and resolved to go to Kirtland on a visit to my old friends. Elder S. [Sidney] Rigdon, Gilbert and Whitney, and many others of my former friends had embraced the `Mormon’ faith. I ventured to tell a few of my confidential friends in Florence my real object in visiting Kirtland. The Prophet, Joseph Smith, Jun., had removed to that place. My object was to get away from the prejudices of the people, and to place myself in a position where I could examine the subject without embarrassment.

“History of Orson Hyde [1805-1842],” Millennial Star, 26 (1864), 742-44, 760-61, 774-76, 790-92.

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