Sunday, August 2, 2015

Abraham O. Smoot and the Heckler

The Muppet Hecklers

The year 1882 found Abraham O. Smoot on a mission in Missouri and Arkansas. I’m sure you can appreciate that it may not have been the safest area to serve a mission. While preaching the gospel, a heckler would not leave him alone. A brother of a noted celebrity protected the Mormon Elder. Who was the celebrity that the brother was related to?
a.      Babe Ruth
b.      Charlie Chaplin
c.       Daniel Boone
d.      Sam Houston
Yesterday’s answer:
C.   Throwing rocks
The following story is in reference to the Great Britain mission in 1839.
   As the church was growing in the Hawcross area of England, so was the opposition. A number of the residence requested baptism. Wilford told them that if they had the faith to be baptized that he had the faith to administer the ordinance. Surrounded by a mob, and threatened with physical violence, the small group headed off for the pond. Wilford Woodruff reported, “I walked into the water with my mind stayed on God and baptized five persons while they were pelting my body with stones, one of which hit me on the head and came very near knocking me down.”

Elder Woodruff’s Letter,” Times and Seasons, 1 Mar. 1841, pg. 330


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