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Giving to the Cause

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It's not uncommon for the LDS Church to help other denominations construct chapels by donating money. A number of years ago, when some Baptists Churches were burned in the south, the LDS church donated money for their reconstruction. The LDS Church also donated money to have the first Synagogue built in Salt Lake City, but what about the reverse? Have other denominations helped the LDS Church construct a building? Believe it or not, this has happened. Where did this take place?
a.                  Evanston, Wyoming
b.                  Palmyra, New York
c.                   Salt Lake City, Utah
d.                  Munich, Germany  
Yesterday’s answer:
d.   Sons of Helaman
We boys in Nauvoo formed a company called the 'Sons of Helaman'. Brother Baily from Massachusetts was our captain; and he was proud of us and we were proud of him. I was second Lieutenant, and we drilled quite a lot. Just before we left Nauvoo, I was in the Prophet's guard most of the time. I loved to march and parade and have the martial spirit; and was happy under military discipline. I would take my rifle with me even though not in company nor on parade with the Sons of Helaman. Often I was in the rank of the grown men, and no one ever said, "Your in the way". Why it was thus, I could never comprehend. I loved to see a martial feeling cultivated.
Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, Typescript, BYU-S; htpp://

Additional interesting information of another Nauvoo group; the Whistling and Whittling Gang:

I joined the whistling and whittling band. In those days there was, now and then, a fop or dude who would go to a man's shingle pile, and with his hat or cap cocked on one side, would sit and whittle and whistle. There was no law against that, but from what we could learn, some of them were interested in taking the life of the Prophet. We kept a good watch, and were directed to keep an eye on the "Black Ducks". We really tried to do our duty and we succeeded in bagging some game. I was about to give some instances, but forbear by saying, "In no case did I ever help to engage in whittling any one down to make them cross the great river unless they were known to be lurking around the Prophet's premises quite late, or to be seeking that which was none of their business. In extreme cases when we knew a man to be a snobber, and who still sought the life of the Prophet, we would use our rail. We generally had four boys to a rail-----the rail would be flat on the bottom and was three cornered; on the top corner it was terribly sharp-----fixed to suit the aggravating circumstances. Four boys generally knew how to manage the rail. We all had our knives and our timbers to whittle and make rails from, and we knew what tunes to whistle. I do not know if the boys from Nauvoo would like for me to betray those old-fashioned secrets; but that was the way we initiated those who seemed to wish with all their hearts to become thoroughly acquainted with the secrets of the Prophet. If they appreciated the way of innocent childhood, they could repent of their sins and be ready for baptism. I do not know of any who seemed to be desirous of continuing the war; instead they were on hand for a covenant of peace. Bennet and some of the others were left to the Prophet's own management. Well do I remember the Prophet's speech from a frame in front of his mansion--where he said, "Brethren, I now roll this work onto the shoulders of the Twelve; and they shall bear and send this Gospel to every nation under Heaven". He asked the Legions if they were not all his boys, and they shouted "Yes!" I stood on the rail of the fence in front of the mansion. When the Prophet said, "Brethren, the Lord Almighty has this day revealed to me something I never comprehended before! That is--I have friends who have at a respectful distance been ready to ward off the blows of the adversary. (He brought his hand down on my father's head as he was acting as body-guard to the Prophet) While others have pretended to be my friends, and have crept into my bosom and become vipers, and have been my most deadly enemies. I wish you to be obedient to these true men as you have promised. ARE YOU WILLING TO DIE FOR ME?" Yes! was the shout. "You have said you are willing to die for me--". Then he drew his sword and cried, "I WILL DIE FOR YOU! If this people cannot have their rights, my blood shall run upon the ground like water". When the Prophet had his hand upon my father's head, I said to myself, "I trust that I will be as true to young Joseph, the Prophet's son, as my father is to his father". Afterwards at home, I told my father of my thoughts, and he said, "No, Mosiah, for God has shown to Brother Joseph that his son, Joseph, will be the means of drawing many people away from this Church after him. Brother Joseph gave us to understand that it was our duty to follow the Twelve. The majority of this people will be right; but when you see people thirsting for the blood of the Saints, you may know they are not right". Before the Prophet spoke from the frame, he had started to go to the Rocky Mountains, and went as far as Montrose; but through the interference of some pretended friends, he returned. I was a witness to these things--and when the Prophet spoke from the frame, he spoke with power, and the people loved him. Autobiography of Mosiah Hancock, Typescript, BYU-S;

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