Friday, August 21, 2015

It Must have been Important

What is the most number of times that the name of Deity is mentioned in any one verse of scripture?
A)                 3
B)                 4
C)                 5
D)                 6

Yesterday’s answer:
(A) Prophets Joseph F. Smith and Lorenzo Snow
When Apostle Francis M. Lyman was sent to the Holy Land to rededicate Palestine he was 62 years of age. He had received numerous dreams prior to this event which helped prepare his mind for the task at hand. In all of these dreams he was visited by men who provided him with the necessary instructions for this special mission. The dream which had the most effect on Elder Lyman occurred in September of 1901. In this dream he saw himself stand before Prophets Joseph F. Smith and Lorenzo Snow. The two men were discussing a very special, but yet very delicate mission and consulting with each other who should fulfill this mission. Francis M. Lyman stood forward and said that he felt he could fulfill such an assignment. He said, “I will undertake it and do the best I can.” President Snow responded, “We don’t want to wear you out that way.” Lyman then replied, “I shall wear out and shall not rust out.”

Francis M. Lyman to Lorenzo Snow, May 5, 1902, Church History Library.

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