Friday, August 14, 2015

She Never Doubted the Prophet

Newell Knight records in his journal that his wife received a blessing from the Prophet Joseph Smith and that she never doubted it. What was it the prophet promised her that others were not so sure was possible?
a.                  That she would eventually join the church
b.                  That her baby would be born alive
c.                   That she would live to see the Saints become a great people in the Salt Lake Valley
d.                  That she would out live her children
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      Doctrine and Covenants 20 & 22
The earliest handbook of the Church was essentially Doctrine and Covenants 20 and 22 titled the “Articles and Covenants.” At the first conference of the Church, held 9 June 1830, the Articles and Covenants were read to the congregation and adopted.

Robert J. Woodford, “The historical Development of the Doctrine and Covenants.” Ph.D. diss. 2 vols. Brigham Young University, 1974.

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