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Wilford Woodruff’s First Mission

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Wilford Woodruff was called to serve in Arkansas on his first mission. One day, he and his companion were required to walk 60 miles with no food. Who eventually fed him and his companion after the 60 mile walk?
a.                  A Presbyterian minister
b.                  Natives
c.                   Members of the Jackson County mob
d.                  The States Governor
Yesterday’s answer:
a.      He wasn’t there, he was less active
Eli H. Peirce records his feelings of a mission call he received, he writes: “On the fifth day of October, 1875, at the Semi-annual Conference . . . I was called to perform a mission to the United States. Just why my name was suggested as a candidate for this mission, and presented at conference for approval or rejection by the people, I cannot say. My mind prior to that time had been entirely given up to temporalities. I had never read to exceed a dozen chapters of the Bible in my life, and little more than that from either the Book of Mormon or Doctrine and Covenants. . . . One of my fellow employees was at the conference; I was not, because I did not care to be. He heard my name called, abruptly left the meeting and ran over to the telegraph office to call and tell me the startling news. . . As soon as I had been informed of what had taken place, I threw the novel in the waste basket, the pipe in a corner. . . . Have never read a novel nor smoked a pipe from that hour. . . . Remarkable as it may seem. . . . a thought of disregarding the call, or of refusing to comply with the requirement, never once entered my mind. . . . I was rebaptized, confirmed, set apart, ordained a Seventy and started on my mission, all within a month from the time I was called. Went direct to New York City.”
Eli Peirce served three missions in all: “Recapulation: Baptisms, 108; ordinations, 11; children blessed, 37; branches organized, 5; branches re-organized, 1; marriages,
1; meetings held, 249; miles traveled, 9870; total cost, $1320.”

Eliza R. Snow, Biography and Family Record of Lorenzo Snow (Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Company, 1884), 407-409, 421.

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