Thursday, September 17, 2015

Blessed with Nine Lives

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Levi Hancock was an original member of the Quorum of the Seventy. What item did not pierce the skin of Levi Hancock during an attempted murder attempt?
A)                 Bullet
B)                 Knife
C)                 Arrow
D)                 Axe head

Yesterday’s answer:
(B) They didn’t care for the fact that there was a connection with the Moabites
On May 14, 1890, fifty-nine citizens of Moab petitioned the court of Grand County to change Moab’s name to Vina. The petition was accompanied by the following letter, in part:
   To the Honorable County Court of Grand County, Utah:
   Dear Sirs:
  We the undersigned legal voters of Grand County, Utah, respectfully represent the name of “Moab”, county seat of Grand County, being so unfavorable commemorative of the character of an incestuous and idolatrous community existing 1897 years before the Christian era, we . . . therefore respectfully petition and ask your Honorable Body to change the name of said County Seat to one more appropriate, significant, or expressive of moral decency and manly dignity and in harmony with the progressive civilization of the present age.
  We respectfully suggest the name of: VINA.
   At the court’s meeting in June, 1890, the petition was not officially recognized for want of a sufficient number of signatures.

Grand Memories, DUP, Grand County, 1972, 49-51.

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