Sunday, September 20, 2015

Bringing Home the Grub

When Mosiah Hancock was seven years old, what was one of the things he liked to shoot with his Kentucky rifle so that his mom could make a good soup?
A) Squirrels
B) The neighbors sheep
C) Stray cats in Nauvoo
D) Gophers
Yesterday’s answer:
(D) Almost became a victim of cannibalism
The following from the Journal of John Horner:
In the beginning of January 1850, my brother William came to me by the way of Panama, consuming six months time on the journey. By the blessing of heaven he escaped the cholera on the isthmus his shipmates died by the dozens. He escaped starvation and perhaps a violent death by a fair wind springing up and wafting them safely into Acapulco at the critical moment when the ship's company were about to turn cannibals and cast lots to decide who should be eaten first. He afterwards heard that since he was more fleshy then others of the company they were going to make the lot fall on him.

Journal of John M. Horner;

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